Celebrating 100 years of history

The International Congress on Tropical Medicine (ICTM) was founded in London in 1913 and has developed a rich history over the past 100 years.

To date, there has been only one other International Congress dedicated specifically to malaria. This event occurred in Rome in 1925, followed by the 2nd International Congress on Tropical Medicine and the 2nd International Congress on Malaria in Cairo and Algiers in 1928 and 1930 respectively. But it was in Amsterdam in 1938, that the two conferences merged and renamed to become the International Congress for Tropical Medicine and Malaria (ICTMM). It was also in Amsterdam during the 12th ICTMM that the International Federation of Tropical Medicine (IFTM) was formed exactly 50 years later.

The purpose of the Federation is to promote reoccurring International Congresses on Tropical Medicine and other related meetings. Presently, in a time where information and communication has reached such an important status in modern society and the scientific and medical communities, additional challenges of the Federation include the dissemination and exchange of knowledge in Tropical Medicine, and the support of cooperation between the national federated societies.

ICTMM 2016 will mark 103 years since the meeting’s beginning and it will be the first time this prestigious event will be held in Australia. We look forward to welcoming delegates from around the world to Australia for this historic meeting.


Attendees at first ICTMM

Attendees at the first International Congress on Tropical Medicine in London, 1913. Click here to visit the IFTM website for more information.